Who is Lx Parts?

Lx Parts is a premiere national used auto parts recycler located in Lisbon. We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. We provide individuals and repair shops with high quality used auto parts at reasonable prices.

What does Interchange mean?

Our database includes a system that matches your request with all possible identical parts. For example, several Mercedes may have the same starter or other component. Also the used parts that you need may span several model years. Don't worry, we take into consideration any cosmetic or functional changes. The system is quite reliable. Please be as accurate as you can when you fill in the search information fields. If you are unsure, call us during business hours and we will be happy to help.

Can you explain shipping charges?

Our online data base calculates shipping for your order and includes it in your price quote. The price quoted for delivery of these larger items is based on delivery to a business address. The estimated time required for delivery is based on weekday deliveries. If a used auto part is in route on a weekend, additional time will be required to get the part to you.


Who do I contact if I have a problem with parts?

In the unlikely event, call our number and ask for the sales person listed on your invoice. If that is unavailable, explain the situation to our representative and we will get you the help that you need right away.

How do I return a part?

Contact us at the phone number above and request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Your salesperson will provide assistance with shipping to get the used parts returned to our facility.

What does a "Graded Part" mean?

Parts grading is our way of quantifying the high level of quality in the products we provide. All used auto parts are assigned an "A" to "E" designation depending on the mileage (If a mechanical part) of the vehicle it was removed from, or it's condition (If a body part).

What does "A" or "E" graded parts signify?

Grading is based on any necessary repair time required to make the panel "like new." Definition of "A" and "B" grades on sheet metal body parts:

"A" grade parts have less than 1 unit of repair necessary. · "B" grade parts have less than 2 units of repair necessary. · An entire front end or rear body sheet metal assembly in "A" condition will have less than three units of repair necessary. An entire front end or rear body sheet metal assembly that is "B" grade will have less than 6 units of total repair necessary on the entire assembly. A "unit" is defined as damage not exceeding the surface area of a common credit card in size.

Definition of "A" and "B" grades on used mechanical parts:

The grading is based on mileage. · "A" parts have less than 90,000 total km. "B" parts have more than 60,000 total miles on them and have exceeded 15,000 miles per model year of age. " E" parts cannot exceed 300,000 total Km regardless of age.

What is an extended warranty?

Purchasing the extended warranty option will extend the standard 3 months auto parts warranty to 6 moths. See our warranty page for details or talk to one of our used auto parts specialists during business hours.

Who received my "request" information?

If you send an e-mail request for used auto parts, it will be sent to us at Lx Parts. This function is used to answer detailed questions or for parts that do not carry interchange, or are not ordinarily inventoried. Feel free to ask whatever you need to know. Our goal is to assure that the parts you get are the parts you need.

How long will it take for me to receive an answer on my "request"?

Generally, it takes less than 12 hours to receive an answer on your request. On the weekends it may take a bit longer, sometimes until Monday. The only stipulation to the warranty is that the parts will not be accepted if there are obvious signs of tampering or negligence to the parts and that the customer will pay the return freight costs.

Who pays the freight costs on used auto parts that are returned?

We do if the incorrect part was sent, was not in the condition stated at the time of the sale, or failed with in the warranty period. You pay the freight if the used auto parts were ordered incorrectly (incorrect information) or was sent back as part of the warranty.

How can I check on the status of my used auto parts?

You can go to the site at any time and click on "check order status" in the parts search area to check on your order. If you want a tracking number, you will need to call and request the UPS tracking number for your order.

What if my part is damaged in shipping?

You must sign for the shipment as "received damaged". As the carrier is responsible for the used auto part if you sign for it as DAMAGED. After signing for and receiving the damaged part, contact us by phone to start the damage claim and part replacement process. We will instruct you on the procedure.

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